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Jackie and Sue have been our biomedical providers for many years. Their professionalism and high standard of care elevates this company above all other vendors. They are flexible, dependable, and we cannot imagine having anyone else service our ASC.

by Leslie Crytser on Medical Service Solutions

Medical Service Solutions is the best company I have ever worked with in my 20 year career as a nurse anesthetist. They are prompt, knowledgeable, and readily available anytime I need help. I would recommend them to anyone who needs Biomedical support!!

by Toni Rambeau on Medical Service Solutions

Jackie and Sue and now the addition of Senate the team is like a well oiled machine. They answer the call quickly and give the best possible service one could ask for. I will always use Medical Service Solutions for the ASC needs.

by Whitney DeCesaris on Medical Service Solutions
Director of Nursing

I can’t say enough good things about Jackie and Sue and the service they provide. They are kind, knowledgeable, efficient, professional and 2 of the most honest people I have ever dealt with. I can’t imagine using any other company for our biomedical needs.

by Susan patton on Medical Service Solutions
Sue Patton on Medical Services Solutions

Jackie and Sue run a very professional Biomedical Service.
They are prompt, knowledgeable and work with our ASC to provide safe equipment for our patients.
They are an excellent resource and will refer us to other providers when they do not provide the service.
We would recommend Medical Services Solutions to provide all their Biomed services.

by Sandra gateau on Medical Service Solutions

Jackie and Sue have been awesome! They are very talented in all aspects of ASC’s. I have worked with them for 2 years and they have been more than efficient. We place a call and they are here within 24 hours! They are very cost-conscious and also very up to date on what standards are for ASC’s. They make our center superb and very efficient. We would highly recommend Medical Solutions….

by Hae Lin Retz, BSN, RN on Medical Service Solutions
Unbeatable service

Jackie and Sue have been awesome! They know how to service ASC’s. I have worked with them for 4.5 years and they have been efficient, friendly, cost-conscious and up to date on what standards ASC’s have to meet. From last minute needs to planning ahead and grouping things to save us money, they are unbeatable. They treat everyone with integrity and the quality of their work is immeasurable. Thanks so much for all you do to make it “EASY” for your customers!

by Leslie Lister on Medical Service Solutions

Jackie and Sue with Medical Service Solutions have been our saving grace on more occasions than I can even begin to count! During my last three years of working with them they have wiped away my tears by finding the correct solution for the problem, fixing it quickly and doing it in the most cost effective manner. In fact, I would challenge anyone to find a company that was quicker, competent and less expensive for the same services they offer. They are a phenomenal team!

Pros: Responds within 60 minutes to any crisis, but usually it is within minutes. Gives out their personal cell phone numbers so both I as the manager and my staff always have immediate access to their expertise. Will arrive onsite if there is an emergency the very same day and if not an emergency will work out a date/time that works best for the center. Always fixes the problem/equipment the first time. Finds us any equipment that we may be searching for at the best possible price. Saves…Saves….Saves us $$$$!!!!

Cons: NONE!!

by Jennifer MacDonald on Medical Service Solutions
Above and beyond

Jackie and Sue are very knowledgeable and great to work with.I have had the pleasure of working with them for the last 6 years performing preventitive maintance and repairing our medical equipment. They are willing to help with any mechanical/service issue we have.I Highly recommend them!

by Rose Lambie on Medical Service Solutions

Medical Service Solutions is THE BEST biomedical company I have had the privilege of working with over my 41 year career in healthcare. They are extremely knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. The qulaity of their work is of the highest standard as is their documentation for complaince with regulatory agencies. Additionally they are consistently willing to work within the confinds of my budget without compromising quality or safety. Their knowledge and expertise in the area of older anesthesia machines compares to none. Jackie & Sue are the best and I highly recommend them.

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