Refurbishment Process

Production SchedulingCosmetic RefurbishingTechnical / Electronic / Pneumatic / Mechanical RefurbishingCertificationDeliveryInstallationTerms
Production Scheduling
Once the order is received the units are labeled with new owner’s information, custom request, and projected ship date and order criteria. The units are moved to the preparation area for the refurbishing process to begin.
The equipment is dismantled down to the basic frame/cabinet and is cosmetically renewed with sanding, polishing and painting with medical grade paint. This process takes approximately one week to take from basic component back up to a complete unit for anesthesia systems, surgical tables and surgical lights; less for patient monitoring, defibs, ESU, etc.
Technical / Electronic / Pneumatic / Mechanical Refurbishing
Our factory certified technicians analyze each sub-assembly for wear and proper function. Worn components are replaced with OEM components to original manufacturer’s specifications as when the unit was sold new. Any part not functioning to manufacturer spec is replaced in the same manner. The technicians will install all periodic parts kits; six month, one year, two year and three year maintenance kits to bring the equipment to the highest level. Rubber goods are replaced, nafion tubing, rolling diaphragms, peep diaphragms, APL diaphragms, canisters and gaskets, O2 sensors are replaced. Software upgrades are installed to latest level where applicable.
All buyers of pre-owned equipment should demand this level of certification from all vendors to reduce risk for yourself and be assured the company you are dealing with is reputable. At Medical Service Solutions, LLC, the equipment is tested for proper function to manufacturer specs (as when sold new) with certified test equipment by senior certified technicians. Documents are supplied to the customer and maintained on file at Medical Service Solutions, LLC
The delicate sub components are wrapped individually and packaged within the unit. External areas are bubble wrapped; shrink wrapped and can be blanket wrapped and shipped via moving van or crated and vacuum packed for overseas shipment. Smaller items such as monitors, defibrillators are plastic wrapped, bubble wrapped and boxed with injection foam protecting the item. Medical Service Solutions will aid in the shipping process by offering our own delivery service or arrange freight and insurance per your guidance.
This service is available for those wishing Medical Service Solutions to assist in the install and training of staff members. The equipment is certified and inspected prior to packaging however; we strongly suggest that each piece of equipment be inspected by a qualified technician prior to being put into operation to verify there was no damage during transit. Our technicians can be on-site and perform the necessary inspections and re-certify the equipment to be patient ready.
Many companies take the order and the payment before equipment arrives at your dock. The installation becomes your burden. When deficiencies are found; the selling company usually balks at retribution. Let us be responsible from beginning to end in the process. Medical Service Solutions, LLC has a variety of payment terms available to aid you in your financing and our technicians stand ready to assist you with every step in the installation process.